As of April 22, 2014 The Collier House B&B is no longer in operation.

Thank you, guests, friends, old and new, for an amazing 27 seasons.  Over the years you were with us all the way: hearing George talk about all the adventures Tennille was up to as she grew up; losing Boswell the B&B boxer; the new puppy Taz; the passing of George, beloved husband, father, and owner; Tennille getting married; the birth of Rankin, the next generation.  We, Charlene, Tennille, Sebastian, Rankin, and Taz, thank you all for your support since losing George.  The B&B was his passion and you helped him to have the best season of his life the last season he was alive.  It is time to say goodbye, we have sold the B&B property and have closed the B&B.  Please feel free to call, email, or even stop by and say hi, should you find yourself on Fogg Road in Town Hill, Maine.  Thank you, we will miss you.